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Welcome and thank you for visiting Maria Mola Photography!

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and while I do agree with that statement, my life-long passion for photography has taught me that a picture is worth so much more than just words. Since I began my photography career at the age of 16, I quickly realized that I had a passion for documenting memories. Each and every photograph holds a meaning and a sense of nostalgia. With every image, we can transport back to a certain time or place.

Perhaps it’s an image of a place that holds a lot of personal meaning. It could be a picture of you and your family or friends. It could be an image of a lost loved one in a  photograph that holds even more meaning now that they’re gone. Or it could simply be an image that takes place during a time in your life that you would love to return to, and because you have that photograph, you can return there every time you look at it.  This is why photos are so powerful and why photography is so important as an art form.

From birth to marriage to birthdays and all of the special days in-between,  all memories are precious and deserve to be documented in a way that is beautifully and skillfully preserved forever. This is a big responsibility and that’s why, in my opinion, this is a job that not even the best iPhone camera can accomplish--even with a “selfie-stick”. But not to worry- that’s where I come in!  I have made it my life’s work to preserve beautiful moments. With a Bachelors degree in photography from Columbia College Chicago, I have been trained to document life's most important memories in timeless and creative ways.

There are countless priceless moments in a lifetime. Whether it's graduating high school, getting married to the love of your life, even starting a family of your own, all of these moments deserve to be beautifully preserved. These are the kind of special moments that I feel so blessed to be able to capture and preserve forever, and these are the reasons why I absolutely love what I do.  So let's connect and allow me to help you capture your key moments in life!


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